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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Protein Skimmers

protein skimmer
Protein Skimmers, otherwise known as “foam factionators” are supplemental filters for saltwater aquariums. Adding a skimmer to any saltwater tank will improve the quality and the clarity of the aquarium’s water. A protein skimmer does just what it says, it “skims” or removes particles from the aquarium water. The particles range from proteins, to fatty acids, to trace elements - all of which contaminate a tank’s water.

The process by which the particles are removed from the water is really quite ingenious. A large number of bubbles are injected into the water. The bubbles then float up to the surface, brining along many particles contained within the water. The particles end up attaching to the emerging bubbles. Each bubble presents additional surface area for the molecules to adhere to. As more and more bubbles become saturated with particles, they begin to form into a foam. That foam is then taken to a waste collector where it is ultimately extracted from the aquarium's water cycle. Almost all skimmers share similar features as the intended purpose is the same.

There are two ways the extraction of particles is facilitated, either via a Co-current or Counter-current flow system. Here at Truvu Aquariums the majority of our customers are looking for skimmers to use with Saltwater or Reef-ready tanks. Because of this, we sell only the Counter-current variety. All Counter-current skimmers use some type of impeller to chop or shred the air which in turn creates bubbles. We feel this is the most efficient method for bubble creation and particle extraction. Also Counter-current skimmers are quiet and compact. This puts the focus on your aquarium, rather than the system supporting it.

In our selection of Protein Skimmers you'll find both in-sump or hang-on varieties. You can also choose from models which utilize down-draft or needle wheel mechanics. We also have venture protein skimmers. While all the various models and mechanics can seem a bit confusing, a quick chat with one of our aquarium experts is all it takes to find the right skimmer for your aquatic environment. Please give us a call today at 623-242-5649. We're always excited to impart our knowledge to customers needing solid, reputable advice.

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

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