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Friday, October 30, 2015

Building Custom Aquariums for Retail Stores

building custom aquariums
Building custom aquariums for retail stores is a part of our company that we find very rewarding. Truvu Aquariums began in 1972, out of a small location in Oakland California. From the onset our goal was to offer quality custom aquariums to stores and hobbyists. As a result, we've managed to sell a few aquariums over the years! What's very gratifying for us, is that many of the store owners we sell to grew up using our products as hobbyists themselves. Talk about nostalgia. Now that they own their own aquatic stores, they want to showcase their aquatic life in the same acrylic aquariums they personally use. It’s humbling to know that the care and quality we put into each tank really does make a lasting impression.

Retail saltwater and freshwater aquariums are the same tanks we offer to our home aquarium customers. The majority of the retail stores we sell to like our 55 litres acrylic custom aquariums for bottom tanks. The 55's provide ample room for showcasing most aquatic species. Often times retailers will also choose on-shelf aquariums in the range of 20R’s.  Going with the 20’s gives stores the flexibility to line up several per shelf and creates a nice visual effect.

Along with 55's and 20R's, we also find many retail-store customers like our Cubicle Divider Tanks and Coral Flat Tanks. The dividers give greater flexibility to each aquarium allowing a wider range of fish configurations. Our coral flat tanks offer considerable ground space to showcase Corals, Clams and Frags. We also offer bulked fitting and filtration for every retail aquarium we sell. We leave the actual on-site plumbing to the discretion of each retail store. Every store has unique capabilities and limitations which means individual stores are better suited to address their own plumbing.

Over the years, Truvu Aquariums has built custom aquariums for many successful retailers such as Connies Tropical Fish, Aquarium Concepts, Pet Clubs - as well as many more. Retail fish stores purchase their tanks from Truvu Aquariums because building custom aquariums is what we do best . With 43 years of aquarium manufacturing knowledge and unbeatable customer service, Truvu gives our retail store customers the same exceptional service everyone has come to expect. If you're interested in finding out more about what Truvu offers, please give us a call today at623-242-5649

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

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