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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Acrylic Aquarium

Why you Should Choose an Acrylic Aquarium

acrylic aquarium
Acrylic Aquarium
If you’re in the market for a custom aquarium, you shouldn’t look any further than an acrylic tank. Acrylic plastic is an amazing material being both strong and lightweight. It would take a very intense and focused impact to crack an acrylic wall. As compared to a glass tank - an aquarium made from acrylic plastic is also much lighter. Moving and shipping acrylic tanks is easier as similarly sized glass tanks can be as much as ten times more in weight.  Acrylic is also transparent. It shares almost the identical refraction index as that of water. This means there is very minimal visual distortion to your aquatic life. Your fish and corals will look brighter and clearer then they would in a comparable glass-walled tank.

For larger custom aquariums there are generally many ancillary pieces needed to properly maintain and support the tank’s aquatic environment. You will likely have sumps, filters, refugiums, lights and more. All these necessary parts require storage and access to your tank’s water system. A fantastic benefit in going with an acrylic-walled aquarium is that the acrylic can be pre-drilled. This means your input/output tubes can be inserted directly through the wall. You won’t have unsightly tubes sticking out of or hanging off of the aquarium top. Also, as all acrylic tanks do need a stand for support - the vast majority of your water support system will be hidden from view. This puts the focus on your aquatic life, rather than the system supporting it.

Occasionally customers are hesitant to explore the acrylic option as they’ve heard that acrylic scratches too easily or turns yellow with age. While it is true that acrylic can be scratched - this unlikely possibility shouldn’t outweigh the advantages. As your aquarium will sit on a stand, it’s unlikely to be scratched from the outside. There is the potential to scratch the inside of the wall when cleaning. However, if you use a two-pad cleaning technique you’ll never need to worry about this. If a scratch does happen - it can be removed from the wall. As far as the acrylic turning yellow, that just isn’t a concern with modern acrylics. Since the late 1960’s acrylic manufactures have mixed UV inhibitors with their acrylics. These inhibitors will prevent any yellowing or wall discoloration.

Truvu Aquariums is one of the premier custom acrylic aquarium manufacturer in the country. We’ve been focusing on acrylic aquarium construction for the last 43 years! We prefer using acrylic for our aquariums as it is far superior to glass. Using acrylic, we can design aquariums in custom sizes and shapes from rectangular to hexagon or flat back hexagon to L shapes.  Acrylic gives us a tremendous amount of flexibility in designing and creating the tank and it gives you the customer, outstanding durability and unsurpassed viewing capabilities. If you are interested in exploring a custom acrylic aquarium - please give us a call today at 623-242-5649. Our team of experts can quickly and efficiently assist you with choosing the right acrylic aquarium for your intended purpose and space. 

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

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