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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Factory Second Aquariums

From time to time, Truvu Aquariums offers quality factory second aquariums. Over the course of a year, we generally have a few pieces that are one-offs. These pieces have a minor imperfection which prevents us from selling at full retail, but in no way effect performance of the aquarium. All our items listed as seconds are sold on a first come first serve basis.

If you're just getting into fishkeeping, purchasing a tank at a considerable discount is a great way to start. Very often you’ll find incredible steals. Going this route allows you to "test the waters" without fully committing to a brand new aquarium. Check back with our site every now and then, you may find a fantastic deal on a factory second aquarium or on related aquarium supplies.

Our highlighted product this week falls within our factory second aquariums category, It is a premier 300W 96x30x24 Black Back Standard Freshwater Tank. The tank holds 298 gallons and is considered “wide”. The reason this particular aquarium falls under our factory second aquariums is due to a small rub mark on the back on the tank which occurred during shipping. When the tank is set up, you cannot see the rub mark and there are no other visual defects or structural damage. This aquarium carries a 100% warranty. Here’s the best part - this tank would normally sell for $2,200.00 plus freight. Being that it is now considered a factory second aquarium, the price has been considerably discounted to $995.00 - including FREE FREIGHT within the continental United States. This is an amazing offer for a tank with such minimal damage.

300W 96x30x24 Black Back Standard Freshwater Tank

This month, we also have two additional items we’ve added to our factory second aquariums. These Frag Tanks were prototypes. They are first grad aquariums selling for a highly discounted price:

  • 24x24x12 Frag Tank with Overflow - Only $145.00
  • 24x24x8 Frag Tank with Overflow - $109.00

These frag tanks are a great addition to larger display aquariums. Frag tanks are a great holding area for selective pieces of corals or the perfect spot to isolate injured or growing corals. For more great products at a discounted price, please check our page dedicated to factory second aquariums. While we don’t have many pieces in the factory seconds category, it doesn’t hurt to take a look once in a while. You never know what you’ll find! 

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