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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Discount Aquariums

Discount aquariums can be a great way to get exposure to the hobby of fishkeeping. For many customers, the biggest hinderance to getting started is in purchasing a large tank. Tanks large enough to adequately house your aquatic environment are an investment. That's where Truvu Aquariums can help. New aquarium hobbyists will find our latest offer to good to pass up. We have decided to create a new product category featured in our online store. This category is dedicated to discount aquariums. The aquariums listed in this new category are all first-rate products. There are no blemishes or manufacture defects on these high quality aquariums. What better way to obtain your first tank then to purchase a discount aquarium from the most respected online retailer of aquariums and aquarium supplies?

Every product you’ll find in our discount aquariums category fits the following criteria:

  •  The aquariums in this category are the most sought after sizes on the market
  •  To the best of our knowledge, these are the lowest prices you’ll find on the internet
  •  Each aquarium has an incredible price and FREE FREIGHT (within the continental US only. Excludes, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico)

We currently have several tanks available in our Discount Aquariums category. These tanks range in price from $1079-$1999.99. All tanks are custom manufactured using acrylic walls. Each tank is “Reef Ready”. There are a range of options to choose from. You can choose the Back Color, Overflow Location and Drain Hole Size. You can request a Bulkhead Fitting, Water Return Kit and a stylish, high-quality Aquarium Stand and/or Canopy.

This October will be Truvu Aquariums 44th year of business! That's equals a lot of years of fishkeeping! We literally live aquariums. We hope to share our passion for fishkeeping with as many customers as possible. What a better way to celebrate almost a half century of business then to offer our wonderful customers, discount aquariums! We hope you'll visit our new category. We know you'll find incredible products and even better deals.

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

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