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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Aquasystem -The All In One Aquarium


The Aquasystem by Truvu Aquariums is an All In One (AIO) state-of-the-art aquarium, custom made with the highest quality materials available today. Imagine having an aquarium that is ready to go right out of the box. An aquarium made with acrylic walls containing an internal wet/dry filtration system, providing effective removal of toxins and contaminates. Best of all - the Aquasystem works perfectly well for freshwater, saltwater and reef setups!

Most often when you purchase an aquarium - especially one to be used for saltwater or reefs, there is so much more to buy and setup beyond just the tank. That’s not the case with the Aquasystem. After removing the packaging, our Aquasystem is truly a plug and play tank.

Are you tired of complicated filter management? The Aquasystem allows for easy filter maintenance and removal via the top of the aquarium. The pre-filter replacements are very easy to replace. Additional filters are also available for reorder via our website.

The Aquasystem features a hidden chamber which is used to store your heater. This configuration means there will not be any hoses or tubes hanging off the back of the aquarium. It's truly a "clean" looking system with zero ugly parts hanging off the sides or top. 

Included with the tank are the Wet/dry chamber, drip tray, mechanical pre-filter, opening covers and a pump with a return line. Everything you need - and everything is internal! Simply add the water, the heater, lights (sold separately) and plug it in. It’s instant satisfaction and in less time then it will take to purchase your fish, your tank will be ready for many years of use. The AIO Aquasystem will change the way you approach fishkeeping. 40 years of experience has gone into manufacturing a truly exceptional piece of equipment that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Please contact Truvu Aquariums at 623-242-5649 for more information on this amazing product.

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

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