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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Aquarium Filtration

Aquarium Filtration is what keeps your aquarium environment healthy. Filtration is as important to your overall system as is the tank itself! With a properly functioning aquarium system, your hobby of fishkeeping will be that much easier. If you don’t have the correct filtration for your tank and/or environment, a lot of frustration will follow. It's important to understand what filtration will best fit your needs.

aquarium filtration

Truvu Aquariums carries all types of filtration, from Hang-on filtration for Freshwater to Canisters. Hang-on filters are perfectly designed to hang off the back of the aquarium where we have a "filter slot" cut out in the top.  If you’ve already got a Truvu Freshwater Aquarium - the filter slots are all standardized in size and pre-drilled. Canister filters provide highly efficient mechanical and biological filtration for larger aquariums. Canisters incorporate staged filtering with multiple filter types, which translates to cleaner water. They sit inside your stand and use intake and return lines that run up the outside back wall of the tank, over the top and into a filter slot.

If Saltwater is more your thing, then Truvu has you covered with our own line of Sumps, Protein Skimmer Sumps, Wet/Dry’s and Refugiums. Our line of filters are specially designed to filter up to the rated gallons. An added benefit is that our filters have been designed to accommodate a power outage. This prevents your sump from overflowing when the water level is run at the recommended level. Truvu Aquariums also has all the plumbing kits to connect in-stand filters. We’ve pretty much got it all when it comes to aquarium filtration. If we don’t have it - we can custom make it.

Aquarium filtration can make or break your aquatic environment. It’s important you understand the intricacies involved with filtration and how important getting the right filtration is for your fishkeeping hobby.  Truvu Aquariums can be your trusted partner in both understanding and purchasing filtration. Our staff of highly trained aquatic experts will quickly and efficiently assist you with selecting the correct products for your intended purpose. Please call us today at: 623-242-5649 or contact us online.

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

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