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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What is a Refugium?

For those of you just getting into Fishkeeping, you may not yet be familiar with a refugium. There’s so much to learn as a new aquarium hobbyist, generally delving into refugiums and their benefits will be further down your list of items to focus on. However, after you get the basics down and as your selection of marine plants and animals grows, refugium is a name you’ll be hearing more often.

At its basic level, a refugium is really just a secondary tank that shares the same water supply as your main or primary aquarium. However, a refugium is really much more than just another tank. It’s a highly controlled environment that offers you the ability to maintain/foster plants or animals which cannot survive in your main tank. You can think of it as a “refuge” from your main tank’s environment.

A refugium can be used to provide more delicate aquatic species a safe atmosphere in which to thrive. Also, with proper lighting, the space can be used to grow food or coral. While not the intended primary use - refugiums can also be used as a space to filter water from the main tank. You can use it as a type of “overflow” compartment to your main display.

Refugiums come in three varieties, “hang-on”, “sump-based” and “in-tank”. Which you’ll choose generally depends on the size of aquarium as well as the intended purpose.

Here at Truvu Aquariums, we offer Refugiums in capacities which integrate with tanks up to 75, 180  and 300 gallons. We offer add-on options for all our refugiums such as Skimmers, Pre-filters, Drain Hoses and Return Kits. Each of our refugiums comes with an evaporation cover and are pre-fitted with a single or dual pre-filter which removes ultra fine particulates. We can also custom create refugiums for any size or purpose required.

As the addition of a refugium takes your commitment to fishkeeping to a new level, we feel it’s best for customers to speak with someone highly knowledgeable and qualified to give you the best advice. Our staff has been educating customers for over 40 years in the best practices when it comes to purchasing and using refugiums. Please call us today at 623-242-5649 or contact us online. Aquariums are our passion and we are excited to share our knowledge with our customers. We hope to hear from you soon! 

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

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