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Sunday, July 1, 2012


TRUVU Aquariums,  for a limited time, is offering  discounts and FREE Shipping on select Reef Ready aquariums.

TRUVU DLS Pre Filter
Reef Ready aquariums are aquariums with an overflow box built in.  This overflow box skims the water surface removing toxins from the aquarium and transfers them along with the water through a pre filter ( in most cases a DLS roll )  from the pre filter the attachment of a TRUVU Connector kit ( two bulkheads and a flex hose ) will take the water from a pre drilled Reef Ready hole in the bottom of the overflow box to an in stand filtration unit.  Depending on the type of aquarium being kept ( freshwater, saltwater or reef aquarium) you have a choice of a wet/dry filter ( used for freshwater or saltwater fish only ), a Refugium ( used mostly in Reef Aquariums with live rock ) or a Protein Skimmer sump  also used in Reef Aquariums.

TRUVU Malibu Stand and Canopy
Once the water has passed through the filtration system, the aquarium pump will pump the water back to the Reef Ready Aquarium.  TRUVU offers two types of return lines.  The standard return system has the water return through tubing outside the aquarium between the back of the aquarium and wall and return through a bulkhead kit (sold separately) in the top of the aquarium.  The second and most popular return system is the IRS Return ( Integrated Return System) This return features a second hole in the bottom of the overflow box and another hole near the top of the overflow box.  The IRS Return Kit (sold separately) is a complete kit including bulkheads and Locline fitting allowing the water to pass from inside the aquariums overflow and back to the Reef Ready Aquarium without having a plumbing mess behind the aquarium. 

When figuring out which Reef Ready Aquarium, filtration system or return best fit's the aquarium set up you have in mind help is just an e mail away at

by: TRUVU Aquariums

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