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Saturday, July 16, 2011
Kessil LED Aquarium Lighting... A paradigm shift in aquarium lighting systems?

The aquarium lighting industry has been in constant evolution.  Our lighting systems have evolved from the 1960's and early 70's screw in  incandescent bulbs to fluorescent T-12 fixtures, Compact Fluorescents, Metal Halides, T-5's and now LED's.

The idea of an LED light system for aquariums has shown a lot of hope and promise.  Low power consumption, low heat factor etc... has a great appeal for aquarists.  Some early systems had an off color, as standard LED lamps were put together as an "aquarium" light.  The newest system on the aquarium market is the Kessil A150W LED.  This Kessil system shows a lot of promise for aquarists!

We at the TRUVU factory wanted to learn more so we contacted Kessil for some information about their systems.  It turns out they are located right here in the San Francisco Bay area not far from our facility.  When we placed a call we were surprised to learn they had a couple of guys in the field doing research.  They called and asked if they could meet here at the factory... the same day!  After a lengthy meeting and seeing samples, discussing lighting, acrylic aquariums etc... we were very impressed.  These guys have built a system from the ground up for use in aquariums.  From fantastic color, a halide like shimmer, low power consumption and cool running what more could you ask for.  The system looks great too!

Early proto types were tested by store owners here in the Bay Area.  The first time I saw the kessil system  was at All About Fish (a long time TRUVU customer).  At first I thought it was a halide.

See what Tatao has to say below.

The systems will be available soon and the first production run is expected to sell out fast. Don't worry though there are many more production runs to follow.

by: TRUVU Aquariums

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