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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Factory Second Aquariums

From time to time, Truvu Aquariums offers quality factory second aquariums. Over the course of a year, we generally have a few pieces that are one-offs. These pieces have a minor imperfection which prevents us from selling at full retail, but in no way effect performance of the aquarium. All our items listed as seconds are sold on a first come first serve basis.

If you're just getting into fishkeeping, purchasing a tank at a considerable discount is a great way to start. Very often you’ll find incredible steals. Going this route allows you to "test the waters" without fully committing to a brand new aquarium. Check back with our site every now and then, you may find a fantastic deal on a factory second aquarium or on related aquarium supplies.

Our highlighted product this week falls within our factory second aquariums category, It is a premier 300W 96x30x24 Black Back Standard Freshwater Tank. The tank holds 298 gallons and is considered “wide”. The reason this particular aquarium falls under our factory second aquariums is due to a small rub mark on the back on the tank which occurred during shipping. When the tank is set up, you cannot see the rub mark and there are no other visual defects or structural damage. This aquarium carries a 100% warranty. Here’s the best part - this tank would normally sell for $2,200.00 plus freight. Being that it is now considered a factory second aquarium, the price has been considerably discounted to $995.00 - including FREE FREIGHT within the continental United States. This is an amazing offer for a tank with such minimal damage.

300W 96x30x24 Black Back Standard Freshwater Tank

This month, we also have two additional items we’ve added to our factory second aquariums. These Frag Tanks were prototypes. They are first grad aquariums selling for a highly discounted price:

  • 24x24x12 Frag Tank with Overflow - Only $145.00
  • 24x24x8 Frag Tank with Overflow - $109.00

These frag tanks are a great addition to larger display aquariums. Frag tanks are a great holding area for selective pieces of corals or the perfect spot to isolate injured or growing corals. For more great products at a discounted price, please check our page dedicated to factory second aquariums. While we don’t have many pieces in the factory seconds category, it doesn’t hurt to take a look once in a while. You never know what you’ll find! 

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Choosing the Right Aquarium Stand - Made Easy

Choosing the right aquarium stand as well as the aquarium canopy is more important than you may think. An aquarium stand is a key piece in your overall aquarium system. The stand is more than just a platform on which to set your aquarium or a decorative after thought. A well-designed stand is functional, housing your equipment and supplies. It should be well built and sturdy. It should be designed to last for many years. If it is a custom-built stand, it should fit your intended space perfectly.

You’ll find cheap stands that are constructed of iron or particle board. Don't be tempted to buy a product of inferior quality. Aquarium stands made of iron are not sturdy and more importantly, they do not conceal your aquarium equipment. Stands made from particle board may look nice with a coat of paint - but they will break down prematurely and cannot stand up to the day-to-day wear and tear that your stand will undoubtedly encounter. At Truvu Aquariums, our stands are constructed of 3/4 inch plywood. The hardware used in construction is made to last. Our craftsmanship is unparalleled in the industry.  Our standard sized aquarium stand is 30 inches tall. However, we can certainly make any custom sized stand. All stands have a removable back panel which allows you to install a larger filtration system.

While Truvu Aquariums can assist you with choosing the right aquarium stand, we can also help with your aquarium canopy. A canopy serves many purposes beyond just being a cover for your aquarium. A properly fitted canopy protects your aquatic life, houses your lightning system and keeps water evaporation to a minimum. We offer canopies which are designed to perfectly match the stand. Our standard canopies are 8 inches high. However, here again, we can custom design any canopy size and appearance. Our canopies are visually appealing while giving you the most options to house your lighting. Our canopies are also designed to cover the top 2 inches of your aquarium. We offer this unique design in order to hide the water line. In this way you won’t have light shining out of the aquarium into your field of vision. The light is focused where it should be, on your aquatic life. 

Choosing the right aquarium stand and accompanying canopy isn’t as difficult as it may seem if you use a trusted partner like Truvu Aquariums. Our staff has years of experience in helping customers find the right stand to perfectly match your aquarium and intended space. You can be sure that you’ll get no-nonsense recommendations from some of the finest aquarium experts in the industry. Give us a call today at 623-242-5649 or visit our website to get started on finding the right aquarium stand for your home or office. We know you’ll find our service and expertise unsurpassed.

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What is a Refugium?

For those of you just getting into Fishkeeping, you may not yet be familiar with a refugium. There’s so much to learn as a new aquarium hobbyist, generally delving into refugiums and their benefits will be further down your list of items to focus on. However, after you get the basics down and as your selection of marine plants and animals grows, refugium is a name you’ll be hearing more often.

At its basic level, a refugium is really just a secondary tank that shares the same water supply as your main or primary aquarium. However, a refugium is really much more than just another tank. It’s a highly controlled environment that offers you the ability to maintain/foster plants or animals which cannot survive in your main tank. You can think of it as a “refuge” from your main tank’s environment.

A refugium can be used to provide more delicate aquatic species a safe atmosphere in which to thrive. Also, with proper lighting, the space can be used to grow food or coral. While not the intended primary use - refugiums can also be used as a space to filter water from the main tank. You can use it as a type of “overflow” compartment to your main display.

Refugiums come in three varieties, “hang-on”, “sump-based” and “in-tank”. Which you’ll choose generally depends on the size of aquarium as well as the intended purpose.

Here at Truvu Aquariums, we offer Refugiums in capacities which integrate with tanks up to 75, 180  and 300 gallons. We offer add-on options for all our refugiums such as Skimmers, Pre-filters, Drain Hoses and Return Kits. Each of our refugiums comes with an evaporation cover and are pre-fitted with a single or dual pre-filter which removes ultra fine particulates. We can also custom create refugiums for any size or purpose required.

As the addition of a refugium takes your commitment to fishkeeping to a new level, we feel it’s best for customers to speak with someone highly knowledgeable and qualified to give you the best advice. Our staff has been educating customers for over 40 years in the best practices when it comes to purchasing and using refugiums. Please call us today at 623-242-5649 or contact us online. Aquariums are our passion and we are excited to share our knowledge with our customers. We hope to hear from you soon! 

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Reef Ready Aquariums

If you’re in the market for a truly exceptional saltwater tank, a reef ready aquarium is likely what you’ve been looking for. One of the most popular products we sell here at Truvu Aquariums, are aquariums designed specifically as “reef ready”. What does reef ready mean and why should you be interested? Read on.

Reef ready aquariums are designed to house a complete marine environment including coral reefs.  An aquarium that contains reefs must have perfect lighting, correct water chemistry and be an overall stable marine environment. The components in a reef ready tank are designed for maximum filtration to ensure your marine system functions correctly and precisely.

reef ready aquariums
Our reef ready aquariums are pre-drilled for plumbing. As we use acrylic as the material for our aquarium walls, this gives us a large degree of flexibility in how and where we’ll drill. Our reef ready aquariums up to 60 inches in length are factory fitted with a permanent single built-in overflow. Aquariums that range in size from 60-96 inches have dual overflows which are pre-drilled to fit a standard 1 inch bulkhead fitting. The overflow chambers are designed to hold a DLS roll which acts as a mechanical pre-filter.
If you’re in the market for a reef ready aquarium, you’’ll want to make sure your system contains the following elements:

  • Tank - Here at our best sellers are in the 60-96 inch range
  • Tank Stand - The tank stand is more than a decorative piece, it also houses many of the accessory components.
  • Sump - Possibly containing dividers or bag hangers. May have a skimmer.
  • Refugium - An overflow tank or “refuge” for other more delicate marine species.
  • Lights - Usually a LED light with timer.
  • Filtration - Different filtration configurations are employed dependent on what you plan on housing in your tank.

There are many companies out there that offer reef ready aquariums. Where Truvu Aquariums stands apart from the competition is in the quality of materials used, years of experience in the industry and our topnotch customer service. Our staff will work closely with you to make sure you get the perfect reef ready aquarium for your home or office. For a detailed look at our full line of reef ready aquariums, please visit our site. You can also call us at 623-242-5649 and speak directly with our team.

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Custom Aquariums for Your Home or Business

custom aquariums
Custom aquariums are more than just a product, here at we consider each aquarium a work of art. Custom aquariums aren't a cheap investment. There's a lot that goes into the design and manufacturing. As such, it's important to consider what to look for when choosing who you'll buy your custom aquariums from. We believe it comes down to a few key points:
  • Who are you buying from?
  • What materials are used in construction?
  • What size and height are you considering?
If you've done any recent searches for "custom aquariums", you have seen there are a lot of companies to choose from. However, there aren't many companies like Truvu Aquariums that have the expertise to design and develop truly exceptional aquariums. We have been in business since 1972. Over the years we have created aquariums for celebrities such as Burt Reynolds, Sylvester Stallone  and Jean Claude Van Dam. We designed custom aquariums for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the San Diego Zoo, the Universities of Harvard, Stanford and Austin. We've also worked with the television industry creating aquariums for shows like MTV's The Real World L.A. and San Francisco. Our knowledge of design is unsurpassed. As Scott Clark our CEO says, "There are many choices when purchasing a custom aquarium. I would look for a company that has been around and has a solid warranty and track record for building quality products".
Generally our preferred material used to create custom aquariums is acrylic. We prefer to use acrylic rather than glass for the following reasons:
  1. Acrylic tanks are much lighter than glass tanks. Glass tanks can be 4-10x heavier than acrylic. This means that you're likely to need a much stronger stand for a glass tank. Moving an acrylic tank will also be easier than moving a similar sized tank made from glass.
  2. Acrylic tanks are stronger then their glass counterparts. Acrylic is a very strong material and it will take a very hard blow to damage the tank.
  3. An acrylic tank's walls do not need to be as thick as a comparable glass-walled tank due to acrylic's strong composition. Also, acrylic can be drilled to accommodate overflow systems.
  4. Acrylic tanks have much less light refraction as compared to glass. This means that what you see through an acrylic tank is a much more "true" image with less distortion as compared to what you'll see through glass.
Are you considering a very large custom aquarium? If you're considering a tank up to 1,000 gallons or if you're considering a very complex design - the best choice will be acrylic. Due to the strength to weight present in acrylic, it far outperforms glass tanks of similar size.
Every client is as unique as are their tanks. Our highly trained staff will work closely with you to design and create exactly what you've been looking for. Custom aquariums are so much more than just a place to keep your fish and aquatic ecosystems. They can visually enhance any space. Whether your tank will be in your Family Room or office, it will be a focal point and the overall design is critical. Please call us today at 623-242-5649 or contact us online to start the process of creating a unique custom aquarium specifically designed for you.

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Discounted Aquariums for Sale

Check out the discounted aquariums for sale link below and save.  In this section on our site you will find overstock aquariums, fish tanks that were slightly damaged in shipment.  There are also a few one off builds we've done.

55 Hex Aquasystem (aquarium with built in filtration)

Basic Sump

Custom black back basic sump with dual bag hanger

by: TRUVU Aquariums

Monday, August 18, 2014

Custom Turtle Enclosure 

Check out this fabulous turtle display we recently built for Richard Quick, Museum Naturalist from the Museum of Nature and Science in Las Cruces NM. This custom turtle enclosure was built to Richards specifications. It features sliding access doors and an open top for basking lights. Richard states the staff and patrons love the new display. Anyone interested in custom turtle tanks can request a quote by clicking the following link.
Custom Aquariums

by: TRUVU Aquariums

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