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Friday, October 30, 2015

Building Custom Aquariums for Retail Stores

building custom aquariums
Building custom aquariums for retail stores is a part of our company that we find very rewarding. Truvu Aquariums began in 1972, out of a small location in Oakland California. From the onset our goal was to offer quality custom aquariums to stores and hobbyists. As a result, we've managed to sell a few aquariums over the years! What's very gratifying for us, is that many of the store owners we sell to grew up using our products as hobbyists themselves. Talk about nostalgia. Now that they own their own aquatic stores, they want to showcase their aquatic life in the same acrylic aquariums they personally use. It’s humbling to know that the care and quality we put into each tank really does make a lasting impression.

Retail saltwater and freshwater aquariums are the same tanks we offer to our home aquarium customers. The majority of the retail stores we sell to like our 55 litres acrylic custom aquariums for bottom tanks. The 55's provide ample room for showcasing most aquatic species. Often times retailers will also choose on-shelf aquariums in the range of 20R’s.  Going with the 20’s gives stores the flexibility to line up several per shelf and creates a nice visual effect.

Along with 55's and 20R's, we also find many retail-store customers like our Cubicle Divider Tanks and Coral Flat Tanks. The dividers give greater flexibility to each aquarium allowing a wider range of fish configurations. Our coral flat tanks offer considerable ground space to showcase Corals, Clams and Frags. We also offer bulked fitting and filtration for every retail aquarium we sell. We leave the actual on-site plumbing to the discretion of each retail store. Every store has unique capabilities and limitations which means individual stores are better suited to address their own plumbing.

Over the years, Truvu Aquariums has built custom aquariums for many successful retailers such as Connies Tropical Fish, Aquarium Concepts, Pet Clubs - as well as many more. Retail fish stores purchase their tanks from Truvu Aquariums because building custom aquariums is what we do best . With 43 years of aquarium manufacturing knowledge and unbeatable customer service, Truvu gives our retail store customers the same exceptional service everyone has come to expect. If you're interested in finding out more about what Truvu offers, please give us a call today at623-242-5649

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Acrylic Aquarium

Why you Should Choose an Acrylic Aquarium

acrylic aquarium
Acrylic Aquarium
If you’re in the market for a custom aquarium, you shouldn’t look any further than an acrylic tank. Acrylic plastic is an amazing material being both strong and lightweight. It would take a very intense and focused impact to crack an acrylic wall. As compared to a glass tank - an aquarium made from acrylic plastic is also much lighter. Moving and shipping acrylic tanks is easier as similarly sized glass tanks can be as much as ten times more in weight.  Acrylic is also transparent. It shares almost the identical refraction index as that of water. This means there is very minimal visual distortion to your aquatic life. Your fish and corals will look brighter and clearer then they would in a comparable glass-walled tank.

For larger custom aquariums there are generally many ancillary pieces needed to properly maintain and support the tank’s aquatic environment. You will likely have sumps, filters, refugiums, lights and more. All these necessary parts require storage and access to your tank’s water system. A fantastic benefit in going with an acrylic-walled aquarium is that the acrylic can be pre-drilled. This means your input/output tubes can be inserted directly through the wall. You won’t have unsightly tubes sticking out of or hanging off of the aquarium top. Also, as all acrylic tanks do need a stand for support - the vast majority of your water support system will be hidden from view. This puts the focus on your aquatic life, rather than the system supporting it.

Occasionally customers are hesitant to explore the acrylic option as they’ve heard that acrylic scratches too easily or turns yellow with age. While it is true that acrylic can be scratched - this unlikely possibility shouldn’t outweigh the advantages. As your aquarium will sit on a stand, it’s unlikely to be scratched from the outside. There is the potential to scratch the inside of the wall when cleaning. However, if you use a two-pad cleaning technique you’ll never need to worry about this. If a scratch does happen - it can be removed from the wall. As far as the acrylic turning yellow, that just isn’t a concern with modern acrylics. Since the late 1960’s acrylic manufactures have mixed UV inhibitors with their acrylics. These inhibitors will prevent any yellowing or wall discoloration.

Truvu Aquariums is one of the premier custom acrylic aquarium manufacturer in the country. We’ve been focusing on acrylic aquarium construction for the last 43 years! We prefer using acrylic for our aquariums as it is far superior to glass. Using acrylic, we can design aquariums in custom sizes and shapes from rectangular to hexagon or flat back hexagon to L shapes.  Acrylic gives us a tremendous amount of flexibility in designing and creating the tank and it gives you the customer, outstanding durability and unsurpassed viewing capabilities. If you are interested in exploring a custom acrylic aquarium - please give us a call today at 623-242-5649. Our team of experts can quickly and efficiently assist you with choosing the right acrylic aquarium for your intended purpose and space. 

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Aquarium Lighting

aquarium lighting
Aquarium lighting is as important to the overall health of your aquatic environment as any other component of your tank. Without proper aquarium lighting, suited both for the size and type of water, your aquatic life will have less than ideal conditions. Improper water conditions translates to stressed or unhealthy fish and or coral and it will make your fish keeping hobby that much more difficult to maintain. It's important to find the right lighting.

There are many choices available for aquarium lighting. Here at Truvu Aquariums, we offer several different types of lighting. You can choose from lights suited for FreshwaterSaltwater or Reef Ready. We sell LEDs, T5 and Compact Fluorescents.

LED aquarium lights are generally used for Reef or Freshwater aquariums. The LED is great for viewing nocturnal activity. It is a low-wattage light which recreates light conditions which are very similar to night time.

The T5’s are best known for their high intensity light. They have great longevity for their small size. The T5’s work best for reef-less aquariums with a depth of less than 24 inches. T5’s are perfectly suited to many smaller Freshwater tanks.

Compact Fluorescents are also known for their longevity. They produce high intensity, high heat and cast a wide spectrum. Due to their high heat output, a chiller may be needed. Fluorescents work great for reef’s which are less than 24 inches deep and for freshwater and marine aquariums which have a large number of plants.

Aquarium lighting is often an afterthought to the tank. However, as it is a critically important piece in your aquatic system, we feel it's best to get expert advice as to which type of lighting will best suit your aquarium and your fish. Any of our experts here at Truvu can quickly and efficiently match the proper aquarium lighting to your tank. Please contact us today at 623-242-5649 for help with your aquarium lighting questions. Our staff at Truvu Aquariums can help you with any questions you may have regarding custom aquariums, aquarium supplies or fish keeping in general. We hope to hear from you soon. 

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Protein Skimmers

protein skimmer
Protein Skimmers, otherwise known as “foam factionators” are supplemental filters for saltwater aquariums. Adding a skimmer to any saltwater tank will improve the quality and the clarity of the aquarium’s water. A protein skimmer does just what it says, it “skims” or removes particles from the aquarium water. The particles range from proteins, to fatty acids, to trace elements - all of which contaminate a tank’s water.

The process by which the particles are removed from the water is really quite ingenious. A large number of bubbles are injected into the water. The bubbles then float up to the surface, brining along many particles contained within the water. The particles end up attaching to the emerging bubbles. Each bubble presents additional surface area for the molecules to adhere to. As more and more bubbles become saturated with particles, they begin to form into a foam. That foam is then taken to a waste collector where it is ultimately extracted from the aquarium's water cycle. Almost all skimmers share similar features as the intended purpose is the same.

There are two ways the extraction of particles is facilitated, either via a Co-current or Counter-current flow system. Here at Truvu Aquariums the majority of our customers are looking for skimmers to use with Saltwater or Reef-ready tanks. Because of this, we sell only the Counter-current variety. All Counter-current skimmers use some type of impeller to chop or shred the air which in turn creates bubbles. We feel this is the most efficient method for bubble creation and particle extraction. Also Counter-current skimmers are quiet and compact. This puts the focus on your aquarium, rather than the system supporting it.

In our selection of Protein Skimmers you'll find both in-sump or hang-on varieties. You can also choose from models which utilize down-draft or needle wheel mechanics. We also have venture protein skimmers. While all the various models and mechanics can seem a bit confusing, a quick chat with one of our aquarium experts is all it takes to find the right skimmer for your aquatic environment. Please give us a call today at 623-242-5649. We're always excited to impart our knowledge to customers needing solid, reputable advice.

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Aquarium Pump

An aquarium pump is essential for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. A aquarium pump will provide proper water circulation while also aerating the water by agitating the surface. A healthy aquatic environment is maintained in part by an effective pump which oxygenates the water. Purchasing the right aquarium pump is a critical decision and as always, Truvu Aquariums can help you choose the right model for your tank.

We sell three different types of aquarium pumps, the Mag DriveThe Rio and Lifeguard Aquatics. The Mag Drive features an epoxy encapsulated motor as well as a ceramic impeller. It is the ideal combination between power and efficiency. These classic pumps are ideally suited for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. With only one moving part, the impeller - these pumps will not contaminate the tank’s water with harmful oils or chemicals.

The Rio aquatic pump offers an enhanced motor design giving it versatility and a quiet/cool operation. It is a fully submersible pump and can be used in conjunction with wet-dry filters, protein skimmers and sterilizers. We offer Rio pumps with different flow rates to fit perfectly with a variety of aquarium sizes and configurations.

If you’re looking for an extremely quiet and robust aquatic pump, the Lifeguard Aquatics pump may be the ideal candidate. This pump works perfectly for both fresh and saltwater applications. It runs cool, and generates maximum power while using less energy consumption. The Lifeguard uses internal recirculation to prevent overheating. It also uses an ingenious internal system of “cooling chambers” to provide enhanced air-cooling during operation.

Which aquarium pump you’ll ultimately choose will depend on your tank’s size, your water filtration needs and the aquatic life in your underwater environment. As Truvu Aquariums has over 40 years of experience in custom aquariums and the supplies needed to properly maintain an aquatic habitat, we think it’s best to consult with us before purchasing your pump. There are many different sizes available for varying water capacity and filtration needs. We’ll help you pick exactly the right model. We can be contacted Monday-Friday by phone at: 623-242-5649 or via our website. Don't let purchasing the correct aquarium pump become a frustrating experience. Truvu Aquariums will help you make the right decision.

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Aquarium Filtration

Aquarium Filtration is what keeps your aquarium environment healthy. Filtration is as important to your overall system as is the tank itself! With a properly functioning aquarium system, your hobby of fishkeeping will be that much easier. If you don’t have the correct filtration for your tank and/or environment, a lot of frustration will follow. It's important to understand what filtration will best fit your needs.

aquarium filtration

Truvu Aquariums carries all types of filtration, from Hang-on filtration for Freshwater to Canisters. Hang-on filters are perfectly designed to hang off the back of the aquarium where we have a "filter slot" cut out in the top.  If you’ve already got a Truvu Freshwater Aquarium - the filter slots are all standardized in size and pre-drilled. Canister filters provide highly efficient mechanical and biological filtration for larger aquariums. Canisters incorporate staged filtering with multiple filter types, which translates to cleaner water. They sit inside your stand and use intake and return lines that run up the outside back wall of the tank, over the top and into a filter slot.

If Saltwater is more your thing, then Truvu has you covered with our own line of Sumps, Protein Skimmer Sumps, Wet/Dry’s and Refugiums. Our line of filters are specially designed to filter up to the rated gallons. An added benefit is that our filters have been designed to accommodate a power outage. This prevents your sump from overflowing when the water level is run at the recommended level. Truvu Aquariums also has all the plumbing kits to connect in-stand filters. We’ve pretty much got it all when it comes to aquarium filtration. If we don’t have it - we can custom make it.

Aquarium filtration can make or break your aquatic environment. It’s important you understand the intricacies involved with filtration and how important getting the right filtration is for your fishkeeping hobby.  Truvu Aquariums can be your trusted partner in both understanding and purchasing filtration. Our staff of highly trained aquatic experts will quickly and efficiently assist you with selecting the correct products for your intended purpose. Please call us today at: 623-242-5649 or contact us online.

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Aquasystem -The All In One Aquarium


The Aquasystem by Truvu Aquariums is an All In One (AIO) state-of-the-art aquarium, custom made with the highest quality materials available today. Imagine having an aquarium that is ready to go right out of the box. An aquarium made with acrylic walls containing an internal wet/dry filtration system, providing effective removal of toxins and contaminates. Best of all - the Aquasystem works perfectly well for freshwater, saltwater and reef setups!

Most often when you purchase an aquarium - especially one to be used for saltwater or reefs, there is so much more to buy and setup beyond just the tank. That’s not the case with the Aquasystem. After removing the packaging, our Aquasystem is truly a plug and play tank.

Are you tired of complicated filter management? The Aquasystem allows for easy filter maintenance and removal via the top of the aquarium. The pre-filter replacements are very easy to replace. Additional filters are also available for reorder via our website.

The Aquasystem features a hidden chamber which is used to store your heater. This configuration means there will not be any hoses or tubes hanging off the back of the aquarium. It's truly a "clean" looking system with zero ugly parts hanging off the sides or top. 

Included with the tank are the Wet/dry chamber, drip tray, mechanical pre-filter, opening covers and a pump with a return line. Everything you need - and everything is internal! Simply add the water, the heater, lights (sold separately) and plug it in. It’s instant satisfaction and in less time then it will take to purchase your fish, your tank will be ready for many years of use. The AIO Aquasystem will change the way you approach fishkeeping. 40 years of experience has gone into manufacturing a truly exceptional piece of equipment that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Please contact Truvu Aquariums at 623-242-5649 for more information on this amazing product.

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by: TRUVU Aquariums

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