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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Discounted Aquariums for Sale

Check out the discounted aquariums for sale link below and save.  In this section on our site you will find overstock aquariums, fish tanks that were slightly damaged in shipment.  There are also a few one off builds we've done.

55 Hex Aquasystem (aquarium with built in filtration)

Basic Sump

Custom black back basic sump with dual bag hanger

by: TRUVU Aquariums

Monday, August 18, 2014

Custom Turtle Enclosure 

Check out this fabulous turtle display we recently built for Richard Quick, Museum Naturalist from the Museum of Nature and Science in Las Cruces NM. This custom turtle enclosure was built to Richards specifications. It features sliding access doors and an open top for basking lights. Richard states the staff and patrons love the new display. Anyone interested in custom turtle tanks can request a quote by clicking the following link.
Custom Aquariums

by: TRUVU Aquariums

Thursday, July 31, 2014

 TRUVU Malibu Aquarium Stands

TRUVU aquarium stands and canopies are built tough.  We use 3/4" veneer plywood in the construction of our stands and canopies. This is necessary for the  strength required to stand up to an aquarium full of water.

Our stands and canopies are built  in our Chandler, Arizona factory.  This allows us the ability to match your stand and canopy to your aquarium order.  Overflow holes etc... are cut to match up between the aquarium and stand so there is no cutting or trimming on your end.

 TRUVU canopies feature a hinged top cover on most models.  Also featured is a 2" drop over the aquarium to hide the water line. The back is open to allow for hoses, wires or hang on the back products. The standard height of our canopies is 8 inches.

Our stands feature a removable back center panel. This allows  all the access needed to install larger sumps, refugiums etc...  Also featured are solid wood trim appointments and hinged doors.  The standard height of our stands are 30 inches.

TRUVU Stands and Canopies are available in Black, Cherry, Honey and a Two Tone (Cherry body with  black trim features)  samples below.

Custom heights and sizes are available.  Call 510 487-1133 or e mail for a quote.

by: TRUVU Aquariums

Sunday, July 1, 2012


TRUVU Aquariums,  for a limited time, is offering  discounts and FREE Shipping on select Reef Ready aquariums.

TRUVU DLS Pre Filter
Reef Ready aquariums are aquariums with an overflow box built in.  This overflow box skims the water surface removing toxins from the aquarium and transfers them along with the water through a pre filter ( in most cases a DLS roll )  from the pre filter the attachment of a TRUVU Connector kit ( two bulkheads and a flex hose ) will take the water from a pre drilled Reef Ready hole in the bottom of the overflow box to an in stand filtration unit.  Depending on the type of aquarium being kept ( freshwater, saltwater or reef aquarium) you have a choice of a wet/dry filter ( used for freshwater or saltwater fish only ), a Refugium ( used mostly in Reef Aquariums with live rock ) or a Protein Skimmer sump  also used in Reef Aquariums.

TRUVU Malibu Stand and Canopy
Once the water has passed through the filtration system, the aquarium pump will pump the water back to the Reef Ready Aquarium.  TRUVU offers two types of return lines.  The standard return system has the water return through tubing outside the aquarium between the back of the aquarium and wall and return through a bulkhead kit (sold separately) in the top of the aquarium.  The second and most popular return system is the IRS Return ( Integrated Return System) This return features a second hole in the bottom of the overflow box and another hole near the top of the overflow box.  The IRS Return Kit (sold separately) is a complete kit including bulkheads and Locline fitting allowing the water to pass from inside the aquariums overflow and back to the Reef Ready Aquarium without having a plumbing mess behind the aquarium. 

When figuring out which Reef Ready Aquarium, filtration system or return best fit's the aquarium set up you have in mind help is just an e mail away at

by: TRUVU Aquariums

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
TRUVU Aquariums Recent Projects Update

Shown here is a 385 gallon custom TRUVU aquarium with the  installation of a coral reef insert.  The coral reef was purchased separately by the customer and shipped to TRUVU for installation.  The one piece insert, (too large to place through the openings) had to be fabricated in with the assembly of the aquarium.    The filtration main unit selected was a customized TRUVU TRUFLO 300 wet/dry filter.

by: TRUVU Aquariums

Monday, January 2, 2012
TRUVU Acrylic Aquarium adds new aquariums to site

TRUVU has added several aquariums to the website.  Recently added are the following aquariums:
Oceanic Bio Cube 
 JBJ Nano Cube

  BiOrb Aquarium
  Innovative Marine Pico

and the Innovative Nano

by: TRUVU Aquariums

Sunday, November 27, 2011
60 Cube Aquarium shown

Several of our most popular aquarium combo systems will be on sale for this holiday season. 

The very popular CUBE series of aquariums are featured in the Black Friday - Cyber Monday Aquarium Sale.  These aquariums are available in three sizes... Model 28, Model 50 and Model 60.  We also offer the Malibu series of stands and canopies (shown left) to fit all three sizes.  The CUBE series is now available in the AQUASYSTEM. The AQUASYSTEM features an internal wet/dry filter actually built inside the aquarium.  This false wall filter system is highly effective and is perfect for freshwater, saltwater fish and reef aquarium set ups.  Find these systems here: TRUVU CUBE series aquariums

55L Combo System

In addition the the Cube series we are offering the "Combo" aquarium kits.  These aquariums are available in model 45L, 50L, 55L and 65T.  The Combo kits may be purchased as a standard aquarium only, and AQUASYSTEM aquarium or as a "Reef Ready" system.  Please contact us if you have any questions on selecting the proper system for the type of fish or coral you'll be setting up.  Our staff will be happy to help put together a system for your needs including, lighting, filtration, heater or a chiller... whatever your system will require.  Please note: There are a limited amount of stand and canopies for these system and they are available only in Cherry.  When these systems sell out there will be no more available.   Find these systems here: Combo Aquarium Systems

by: TRUVU Aquariums

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